New at meviy: Plastic Materials for Turned Parts

In our continuous effort to provide our customers with the best and most diverse solutions, we are pleased to announce that meviy now offers a wide range of plastic materials for turned parts. From now on, you can choose from a variety of plastics to perfectly meet your specific requirements. This expansion of our material spectrum brings numerous advantages and new possibilities for your projects.

Turning part in POM (Acetal, ,standard, white)

POM (Acetal, Standard, white)

Turning part in POM (Acetal, ,standard, black)

POM (Acetal, ,standard, black)

Turning part in MC nylon (Standard, blue)

MC nylon (Standard, blue)

Trning part in MC nylon (weather resistance, black ash)

MC nylon (weather resistance, black ash)

Turning part in ABS ( Standard, natural color)

ABS ( Standard, natural color)

Turning part in ABS ( standard, black)

ABS ( standard, black)

Turning part in PEEK ( standard, grey-brown)

PEEK ( standard, grey-brown)

Turning part in PC (standard, transparent)

PC (standard, transparent)

Turning part in PC (standard, black)

PC (standard, black)

Turning part in PP (standard, natural color)

PP (standard, natural color)

Turning part in PPS (standard, natural color)

PPS (standard, natural color)

Turning part in UHMWPE (Standard, white)

UHMWPE (Standard, white)

Turning part in PVC (standard, grey)

PVC (standard, grey)

Turning part in Acrylic ( standard, transparent)

Acrylic ( standard, transparent)

Turning part in Fluorine (PTFE, standard, white)

Fluorine (PTFE, standard, white)

New Available Plastic Materials at meviy

The new plastic materials now available for turned parts at meviy include:

  • POM (Acetal, Standard, white)
  • POM (Acetal, Standard, black)
  • MC Nylon (Standard, blue)
  • MC Nylon (Weather resistance, black ash)
  • ABS (Standard, natural color)
  • ABS (Standard, black)
  • PC (Standard, transparent)
  • PC (Standard, black)
  • PP (Standard, natural color)
  • Fluor (PTFE, Standard, white)
  • PEEK (Standard, gray-brown)
  • PPS (Standard, natural color)
  • Acrylic (Standard, transparent)
  • UHMWPE (Standard, white)
  • PVC (Standard, gray)

These materials cover a wide range of physical and chemical properties, making them suitable for various applications.

Applications of Plastic Turned Parts

Plastic turned parts are used in many industries. Here are some common application areas:

  • Mechanical Engineering: Bearings, guides, and rollers made from POM or nylon are popular due to their high wear resistance and low friction.
  • Medical Technology: Parts made from PEEK and PPS are often used because of their excellent chemical resistance and biocompatibility.
  • Electrical Engineering: Housings and covers made from ABS and PC offer excellent electrical insulation properties.
  • Automotive Industry: Components such as seals and covers made from PTFE and UHMWPE are valued for their high resistance to chemicals and temperatures.
  • Food Industry: Turned parts made from PP and PVC are frequently used in equipment and machines that come into direct contact with food.

Advantages of Plastic

Plastics offer numerous advantages over traditional materials like metal:

  • Lightweight: Plastic parts are significantly lighter than metal parts, reducing the overall weight of machines and devices.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Many plastics are inherently corrosion-resistant, extending their lifespan in aggressive environments.
  • Insulating Properties: Plastics are excellent electrical and thermal insulators.
  • Cost Efficiency: Often, plastic materials are more cost-effective and easier to machine than metals.

Disadvantages of Plastic

Despite their many advantages, there are some limitations to consider when choosing plastic materials:

  • Lower Strength: Compared to metal, plastics often have lower strength and can fail more quickly under high loads.
  • Temperature Resistance: Many plastics are not as temperature-resistant as metals and can lose their shape or strength at high temperatures.
  • Aging: Some plastics can age more quickly and become brittle due to UV radiation or chemical exposure.


With the introduction of plastic materials for turned parts at meviy, we are expanding our range and offering you even more flexibility and choice for your projects. Whether for mechanical engineering, medical technology, electrical engineering, the automotive industry, or the food industry – our new plastic options are versatile and open up new possibilities in design and manufacturing.

We look forward to supporting you in your next project and providing you with the best solutions. Discover our expanded offering now and experience the benefits of the new plastic materials at meviy!