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Services FAQ​

Business and Services

What are the benefits of using meviy?
  • meviy is a 3D manufacturing platform that allows parts that previously had to be ordered using 2D drawings to be quoted, ordered and manufactured using only 3D data. Therefore, designers and buyers can significantly reduce the effort required to manage drawings, delivery dates and quality.
  • In addition, errors in the creation of 2D drawings and errors in the generation of standard product preparation part numbers can be completely eliminated.
Do I have to install software in order to use meviy?
  • Besides installing a compatible Internet browser (such as(Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge)), there is no additional software needed.
  • There is no need for any setup by the customer, even when we upgrade the service.
How do I use meviy?
You can use your Misumi web service account (a WOS ID permitted to get quotations or make purchases).
Learn about making a new account (free) or granting permissions here.
Can you provide quotations even outside of Misumi's business hours?
  • Yes. You can use meviy 24 hours a day, 365 days a week.*
  • *There may be occasional service interruptions during system upgrades and other maintenance.
How long will uploaded data be saved?
Data will be stored until the user deletes it or deletes their account.
Is the uploaded data kept secure?
  • It is carefully handled on our own servers. We share manufacturing information with our collaborating factories during manufacturing, but it is not used for any purpose other than manufacturing.
  • However, please be aware that we may use uploaded data statistically when considering expanding our service coverage in the future.


What 3D CAD data formats can be used?
  • Most major native and neutral file formats are supported.
  • ◆ Neutral file formats:
    STEP (.step/.stp), Parasolid (.x_t/.x_b/.xmt/.xmt_txt), ACIS (.sat/.sab), JT (.jt), PRC (.prc)
  • ◆ Native file formats:
    Autodesk Inventor (.ipt), CATIA V5 (.CATPart), Creo (.neu/.prt/.xpr),
    Pro/Engineer (.prt/.neu/.xpr), Siemens PLM-NX (.prt), SolidEdge (.par/.pwd), SolidWorks (.sldprt), I-deas (.arc/.unv), iCAD SX (.icd)*
    *iCAD SX (.icd) is only supported for FA mechanical parts.
  • Please also check the compatible CAD file formats.
Do automatic quotations work for 2D data?
  • Unfortunately, 2D CAD data is not supported by meviy, so 2D CAD data estimates are provided by a custom order team that handles non-catalog standards.
  • Please contact them using the information below:
  • ◆ FA custom order team
  • +49 69 668173-499
  • Business hours:Monday-Thursday 8:00-17:00 h, Friday 8:00-16:00 h
  • *Closed for holidays, Obon, and the New Year holidays
  • *Please also provide your customer code and estimated quantity when making an inquiry or request.
How is an automatic quotation generated?
  • It is calculated using the latest 3D shape recognition technology.
  • First, the 3D model is broken down into different shape elements, then the manufacturing process for each shape is identified. Price and lead time is automatically calculated for each process, and then a quotation is made.
Is Internet Explorer compatible with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge when using meviy?
No. Due to the discontinuation of support by Microsoft, Internet Explorer is no longer the recommended environment from June 16, 2022.
Does meviy work on Windows XP?
Windows XP and Windows Vista are no longer recommended when using this site due to the end of support by Microsoft on April 8, 2014 (Windows XP) and April 11, 2017 (Windows Vista).

Quotations and Orders

Are quotations free?
Quotations are free. The meviy platform can be used as much as you like.

Features and User Guides

Can CAD data be edited on meviy?
You cannot change shapes after uploading them to meviy. Also, if dimension or hole information is edited on meviy, the edited CAD data cannot be downloaded.
Can the part names from an assembly file be transferred to the part names in meviy?
  • Automatic entry is not currently possible, but they can be changed. Using Solidworks as an example for automatic project name changing, the process is as follows:
  • (1) Design
  • (2) Assign the name you would like to “Solid body” for each part in the assembly.
  • (3) Save as STEP.
  • (4) Upload to meviy, get a quotation, order.
  • Following this workflow, the part name will now reflect the part name you specified.
  • *Information for other CAD files will be added as soon as they are confirmed.
If I have a quotation made from a file with multiple parts, is it possible to only order some of them?
  • Yes, you can.
  • In the Parts List, move the mouse over the part you do not want to order and select “Move to Do Not Order”. The selected parts will be removed from the Order List.
  • Removed parts will be moved to the “Do Not Order” column, but can be added to the Order List again by selecting “Move to Order List” on the part.
FA Mechanical Parts FAQ

Product Information for Sheet Metal Parts

What kind of sheet metal parts can be quoted? Are there shapes that meviy cannot handle?

Please click here for more information on applicable shapes, sizes and materials.
There is also information about shapes not handled by meviy.

Do you support welded products?
At the moment, we cannot support welded products.
Can dimensional tolerances be specified?

Currently only general tolerances are supported. If you would like to change the tolerances, please send a request for a quotation to meviy support and describe your tolerance request in the Comment column (other additional instructions).

What is the lead time of an ordered product?
  • As a general rule, the earliest shipping dates will be 3 days from ordering for products with no surface treatment, and 5 days for products with surface treatments (painted/plated).
  • For flat plate products without bending, urgent one-day shipping is available (additional express charge applies).

Product Information for Machined Plate Parts

What kind of machined plates can be quoted? Are there shapes that meviy cannot handle?
  • Shapes that can be machined using a three-axis vertical milling machine are generally compatible. Please click here for more information on applicable shapes, sizes and materials.
  • There is also information about shapes not handled by meviy.
Why are some dimensions not displayed in parts view, even though they would normally be in conventional 2D drawings?

This is because 3D CAD data values are exact, and therefore general dimensional tolerances are unnecessary for quoting and processing. Only external dimensions and hole types and dimensions are displayed in order to represent the size of the part.

Do I need to enter general dimensional tolerances?

No. General dimensional tolerances are not displayed as they would be in a 2D drawing, because the 3D CAD data is exact for quoting and processing.

How is the finishing accuracy of general dimensional tolerances in relation to places where dimensions are not displayed, outer diameters, etc.?

We process using 3D CAD data dimensions, and guarantee JIS medium (m) accuracy. For details, please click here.

Are geometric tolerances supported?
We plan to support these tolerances in the future.
Are dimensional tolerances and hole precision supported?

Yes, they are supported. For details, please click here.

What is the lead time of an ordered product?
Our earliest delivery date will be 6 days from ordering. The lead time will depend on material, surface treatment, etc.