Quality Control

Inspection Items

Dimensional tolerance inspection for inner diameter
Dimensional tolerance inspection for outer diameter​​
Dimensional tolerance inspection for length
Fit tolerance inspection

Measurement with an inner diameter micrometer

Measurement with a micrometer

Measurement with a vernier caliper

Using a limit plug gauge or pin gauge

Internal and External Thread

In principle, an ISO2 (JIS B 2025) equivalent bolt or nut should be used

Visual inspection

Measured with roughness measurement equipment, dot gauge, and surface roughness tester


Examples of packaging materials


For iron or steel materials without surface treatment or products that are susceptible to rusting, such as black oxide, the products will be delivered with rust-preventive oil applied.

Packing for Delivery

Product and drawings are enclosed in bubble wrap

Tack label attached

Packing for Delivery (single item)

Packing for Delivery (multiple items)

Packing for long products (wooden pallet delivery)

Wrapped with bubble cushion

Drawing is included
Product label is attached

Wrapped with cardboard

Packing (Water-proof wrapping)


You need to dispose the wooden pallet and receive the product by forklift.
Please write your delivery address in the comment field when requesting a manual quote.