User Menu

This menu is provided for each registered user in order to make the user experience of the meviy platform even more convenient. Here you can change the default settings for services or view your order history.
  • 1. Hover over your username.
  • The User Menu will be displayed.
  • 2. Select User Menu and click.

User Menu List

Menu Name Description of Settings
Project list Returns you to the project list screen for the selected service.
Order history Here you can check your order history for the currently selected service. By selecting the displayed projects, you can check order details and download PDFs of order confirmation statements. → Exporting the Order Confirmation as a PDF
User settings You can change the settings for each user, helping streamline your use of the meviy platform. The settings may vary depending on which service you are using. → 「Automatic Hole Type Recognition」「User Settings (Optional)
Log out Log out of meviy.