Keyboard Operations

You can use the following keyboard shortcuts while using the 3D Viewer (default settings):


You can change the shortcuts to better suit the 3D software you are using in [Mouse Navigation Settings] under [User Settings]. → User Settings
Functions and Operations Keyboard Input
Designate Design Origin O
Add Dimensions W
Add Dimensions in Batch [Shift] + W
Delete settings D
Hide dimensions [Shift] + H
Split Grouped Holes S
surface roughness R
datum [Shift]+G
geometric tolerances G
Functions and Operations Keyboard Input
Engraving E
Increase font size [Alt] + ↑
Reduce font size [Alt] + ↓
Simple 2D Drawing [Shift] + C
Fit to screen [Ctrl] + F
Isometric view [Ctrl] + I
Zoom-in on part [Ctrl] + ↑
Zoom-out from part [Ctrl] + ↓