Set engraving

How to set up an engraving

Select icon

STEP1 Select icon

  • Select the Icon from the icons above.
  • You can also use the shortcut key (E).
Engraving area selection

STEP2 Engraving area selection

  • Select the surface on which you want to set the engraving.
  • When you hover the mouse pointer over a selectable surface, the surface is highlighted.
Engraving specification setting

STEP3 Engraving specification setting

  • Enter the text you wish to engrave.
  • The position the text size and the angle of the engraving can be moved. Click on “Update” after you have entered the text.”


Characters that can be entered in the dialog are single-byte alphanumeric characters and some symbols (+-. #$%&()=*:? /_~).
Completion of engraving

STEP4 Completion of engraving

You can see the specified engraving on the 3D viewer model and in the tree view.

How to delete

STEP1 Select icon

  • Select the icon from the icons above.
  • You can also use the shortcut key (D).

STEP2 Select engraving

  • The message “Click on Delete settings” is displayed. Then select the engraving you wish to delete. the corresponding engraving glows blue.
  • It will be deleted by clicking.


Please note that clicking the “Delete all settings” button will delete all settings you have defined.

STEP3 Finish deleting

Deletion finished.

STEP4 End of settings deletion

Press the Esc key or the X button to exit Delete settings.