Quotation Procedure

Step 1: Upload the 3D CAD data

1. Upload "Data" or a whole "Folder" by dragging and dropping.
Alternatively, you can select upload with the "New quotation" button.


  • Display Project List
  • Processing method automatically selected
  • (1) Awaiting setting of “Quotation conditions” in the 3D viewer.
  • (2) Part number issued, and ordering enabled.
  • When selecting the processing method
  • (3) Both “machined plate” and “sheet metal” confirmation items exist in the 3D viewer.
  • (4) There is a “machined plate” confirmation item, but “sheet metal” cannot be selected.
  • (5) Neither “machined plate” or “sheet metal” can be selected.
  • (6) “Confirmation item” is in the 3D viewer.
  •   * If a machining method with (3) or (4) is selected, change to (6).
2. Click [Next.]

Step 2: Configure/update quotation conditions

  • The following settings are available for Turning Parts.
  • Material
  • Surface Treatment
  • Heat Treatment
  • Quantity
  • Availability of center hole
  • Additionally, in the 3D viewer settings such as “thread”, “tolerance,” and “surface roughness” can be set.

Step 3: Finalize (obtaining part number/ confirm quotation)

  • Click [Confirm the quotation conditions] and obtain the part number.

Step 4: Add to Shopping cart​

After the part number is issued, select the shipping date and click the [Add to cart] button.

Step 5: Check the Shopping cart​ and order.

  • Returns you to the Project List screen, and opens the product list.
  • Select the parts to order, click [Proceed to order,] and order from MISUMI (General Web Catalogue)