Information about manual quotation

  • Even if an automatic quotation is not available on meviy, you can get a quotation using Manual quotation.
  • Please check the following and then feel free to make a request.

What is Manual quotation?

  • This is a process whereby a manual quotation will be reviewed and issued through meviy support when an automatic quotation is not available on meviy.
  • You can request a manual quote for the following: higher quantities instructions in the comment field which are marked as “Others”.
  • Usually you will receive an answer within 1-2 working days. More days may be required for long,heavy, large-quantity orders, or difficult machining.

How to Request a Quotation

  • The “Request manual quotation” button will display when the manual quotation is available.
  • Please click it to make a request.

Comment Field (Additional Instructions)

  • Click [Input] and fill in the displayed comment field, then click [OK].

Canceling a Manual Quotation

  • The quotation request can be cancelled until meviy support has responded.
  • If the conditions have changed or the quotation is no longer needed, click “Cancel manual quotation” to cancel the request.
  • To request a new quotation after cancellation, click “Request manual quotation” again.

Quotation Succeeded

  • In addition to receiving an email from meviy support, the amount, days to ship, and part number will be displayed on the 3D viewer.
  • Also, “Message from meviy support” will be displayed if conditions are included in the quotation. Click “Confirm” to review the details.

Quotation Failed

  • Reasons this is not possible will be either sent in an email from meviy, or displayed in a “Message from meviy Support.” Click “Confirm” to review the details.
  • Also, “Message from meviy support” will be displayed if conditions are included in the quotation. Click “Confirm” to review the details.

Manual Quotation Unavailable

  • A manual quotation cannot be requested if there is no “Request manual quotation” button.
  • Shape recognition may have failed. Please check the model shape and other relevant details. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via mail

Manual quotation in comment field

Able to Process

Able to Process
Quantity Multiple quantity range (2 pcs. & 5 pcs. & 15 pcs. & 50 pcs., etc.)
Size Long product with total length 1~3m *You need to dispose the wooden pallet and receive the product by forklift. Please write your delivery address in the comment field when requesting a manual quote to calculate the shipping fee. Click here for more details about delivery packing.
Machining Method Specify surface roughness of tapered surface
Tears/through not possible indication
Certification documents Request for enclosure of mill sheet for similar lots
SDS enclosure requested
Heat treatment inspection sheet requested

Not Able to Process

Not Able to Process
Tolerance and precision Geometric tolerance specification
Dimensional tolerance with other parts instructions
Tolerance specifications for areas that cannot be specified in meviy
Hole depth tolerance settings for other than inner diameter
Material type, surface treatment, finish Materials and surface treatment that cannot be selected in meviy.
Base processing specifications
Gloss specifications
Film thickness specifications
Partial surface treatment specifications
Multiple materials quotation request
Heat treatment and hardness Heat treatment that cannot be selected in meviy.
Hardness specifications
Thread RC threaded, tapered threads
Trapezoid threaded
Unified thread (UNC/UNF), inch screw threads
Specifications of thread inserts in materials other than resin and aluminum
Machining Method Fusion cutting
EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining)
Simultaneous machining
Chamfered thread (edge) instruction
Blast instruction
Mirror instruction
Certification documents Inspection sheets
RoHS certificates