Information about manual quotation

  • Even if an automatic quotation is not available on meviy, you can get a quotation using Manual quotation.
  • Please check the following and then feel free to make a request.

What is Manual quotation?

  • This is a process whereby a manual quotation will be reviewed and issued through meviy support when an automatic quotation is not available on meviy.
  • You can request a manual quote for the following: higher quantitiesinstructions in the comment field Holes which are marked as “Others”.
  • Usually you will receive an answer within 1-2 working days.
  • * More days may be required in the event that the materials are difficult to procure.
How to Request a Quotation

How to Request a Quotation

  • The “Request manual quotation” button will display when the manual quotation is available.
  • Please click it to make a request.
Comment Field (Additional Instructions)
Click [Input] and fill in the displayed input field, then click [OK].

Comment Field (Additional Instructions)

  • Machining instructions for sheet metal parts are supported.
  • Click [Input] and fill in the displayed input field, then click [OK].


  • Machining instructions for machined plates will not be accepted.
  • Enter hole instructions in the next item, “Other Holes.”
Enter Hole Information for "Other" Holes

Enter Hole Information for "Other" Holes

  • Holes for which [icon] is selected in Hole information instructions for machined plates are recognized as “Other Holes.”
  • Text can be entered in the free-entry field for other holes.
  • Fill in hole information (Hole type, Hole diameter, effective depth, etc.) within 30 characters or less, then click [Update].


If the hole information provided is insufficient, the quotation will be declined to prevent discrepancies between the quotation conditions.
Canceling a Manual Quotation

Canceling a Manual Quotation

  • The quotation request can be cancelled until meviy support has responded.
  • If the conditions have changed or the quotation is no longer needed, click “Cancel manual quotation” to cancel the request.
  • To request a new quotation after cancellation, click “Request manual quotation” again.
Quotation Succeeded

Quotation Succeeded

  • In addition to receiving an email from meviy support, the amount, days to ship, and part number will be displayed on the 3D viewer.
  • Also, “Message from meviy support” will be displayed if conditions are included in the quotation. Click “Confirm” to review the details.
Quotation Failed

Quotation Failed

  • If the quotation is declined by meviy support, a message will be added in Precaution and a detailed email will be sent to your registered email address. Please check the details.
  • Click “Set Quotation Conditions again” to return to where you were prior to requesting a manual quotation, where settings can be changed and a manual quotation can be requested again.
Manual Quotation Unavailable

Manual Quotation Unavailable

  • A manual quotation cannot be requested if there is no “Request manual quotation” button.
  • Shape recognition may have failed. Please check the model shape and other relevant details.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via mail

Manual Quotation Experience Record

  • The following is a record of manual quotations have experience handling, and also elements that are not supported.
  • Production feasibility is determined on a case-by-case basis, even for parts that include elements that we have experience handling. The request will be declined if it is not possible to fulfill it.

Machined Plates

For hole specifications, please specify hole size and other details in Other Holes.
Have experience with Unsupported elements
Quantity Large-quantity order
Shipping days Specified shipping days
Size Length 2,000 mm
Tolerance and precision Geometric tolerance specifications
Surface roughness specifications
Tolerance specifications for areas where dimensions cannot be added on meviy
Tolerance range specifications of 0.04 or lower (except for fitting holes)
Gloss specifications
Material type and surface treatment Material type and surface treatments not selectable for automatic quotation
Basecoat specifications
Film thickness specifications
Partial surface treatment specifications
Heat treatment and hardness Heat treatment
Hardness specifications
Holes Metric threads not covered by automatic quotation Left-hand thread
Tapered threads for pipes Unified thread
Straight threads for pipes Hole depth tolerance specifications
Flat hole base specifications Angled hole running diagonal to the 6 faces on meviy
Non-selectable fit tolerance
Machining method Welding
Fusion cutting
Simultaneous machining
Specifications without light chamfering
Parts Mirror geometry
Certification documents Mill test certificate (similar lots) Cutting certificates
SDS RoHS certificates
Inspection sheets