Sheet metal: All shapes now available for 4-days shipment

Following the gradual expansion of the materials for 4-days shipment of meviy sheet metal parts, the shapes have now been expanded too.

Parts with “bends” and “free-form holes” will also be available. This means that sheet metal parts can be selected for 4-days shipment in any shape in the material. 

4 days shipment now available


• 100% of shapes, including bends and free-form holes, can be shipped after 4 days. For eligible materials, check "Eligible Products and Shipping Day(s)"

• Designation of 4-days shipment is possible on the 3D viewer screen. For details, check "How to quote and order for 4-days shipments"

Eligible products and shipping days

Material: Steel Surface treatment Standard shipping Express shipping
EN 1.0330 equiv./EN 1.0320 equiv.
(hot coiled)
EN 1.0038 equiv. (9 mm plate thickness only)
6 days 4 days
Paint 8-11 days
Electroless nickel plating 8 days
Black oxide
Trivalent Chromate (clear)
Trivalent chromate (black)
EN 1.0330 equiv. (electrolytic zinc plating) Electrolytic zinc plating 6 days 4 days
EN 1.0330 equiv. (hot zinc plating) Hot zinc plating
EN 1.0330 equiv. (for shim) 5 days
Material: Stainless steel Finishing method Standard shipping Express shipping
EN 1.4301 equiv. 2B 6 days 4 days
Single-sided #400-grit polished
EN 1.4016 equiv. 2B
EN 1.4301 equiv. (for shim)  ― 5 days ― 
Material: Aluminum Surface treatment Standard shipping Express shipping
EN AW−5052 equiv. 6 days 4 days
Clear anodized 8 days
Black anodized
Black anodized (matte)
Material: Perforated metal
Hole diameter x hole pitch
Open area ratio
Standard shipping Express shipping
Perforated Metal (EN 1.4301 equiv.-BA)
-60° Staggered Round Hole Type-
⌀1 x 2p 22.6% 6 days 4 days
⌀2 x 3p 40.3%
⌀3 x 5p 32.7%
⌀5 x 8p 35.4%
⌀8 x 12p 40.2%
Material: Clear resin Standard shipping Express shipping
PET (Polyethylene terephthalate)
6 days
PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)

* Shipping days extend depending on quantity. Please check the date shown in meviy and get a quote for the guaranteed shipping date.

How to quote and order for 4-days shipment

STEP 1: Issue a quotation and part number on the meviy website

  • • Upload 3D CAD data
  • • Specify material, quantity, etc.
  • • Change desired shipping date from "Standard shipping" to "Express shipping"
  • • Click "Check Price", then "Confirm the quotation condition" to issue a part number for 4-days shipment

You are able to select “Express shipping” and issue the part number on meviy.

STEP 2: Order via MISUMI online shop

  • • Click "Add to Quote List", "Proceed to Quotation List"
  • • Click "Proceed to Order" to access online shop screen
  • • Check part number, quantity, price,shipping and if everything is correct, click "Place Order" to complete your order process

Good to know

  • • Depending on the time of the order placed, it may be shipped on the next business day
  • • The maximum quantity per order is 20 pieces. If the quantity is 21 or more, normal shipping will be applied and 4-days shipment cannot be guaranteed

meviy sheet metal manual

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