Engraving specifications

Maximum part size and supported material

  • 300mm x 300mm (if the engraving is on the TOP/BOTTOM side)
  • 200mm x 200mm(if the engraving is on the FRONT/BACK side)
  • 200mm x 200mm(if the engraving is on the LEFT/RIGHT side)
* Please see the table below for materials and surface treatment.
Classification material properties Surface Treatment
  • EN 1.0038 equiv.
  • EN 1.0038 equiv.(annealed material)
  • EN 1.1206 equiv.
  • EN 1.1206 equiv.(Reference Hardness: 20-27HRC)
  • No treatment
  • Electroless nickel plating
  • Hard Chrome Plating(Flash Plating)
  • Trivalent Chromate (clear)
  • Trivalent chromate (black)
Pre-hardened steel NAK55 equiv. No treatment
  • EN AW−2017 equiv.
  • EN AW−5052 equiv.
  • EN AW−6061 equiv.
  • EN AW−7075 equiv.
    • No treatment
    • Clear anodized
    • Black anodized
Stainless steel
  • EN 1.4305 equiv.
  • EN 1.4301 equiv.
  • EN 1.4401 equiv.
  • EN 1.4016 equiv.
No treatment
*For surface-treated products, the engraving process is carried out “after” surface treatment.

Processing method

  • “Engraving is done either by “laser cutting” or “machining”.
  • *You cannot specify the engraving process
  • *Surface-treated products will be engraved in the following order.
  •  - Laser cutting: After surface treatment
  •  - Machining: Before surface treatment

Possible locations for setting engraving

The engraving instructions can be given on TOP, BOTTOM, FRONT, BACK, LEFT, and RIGHT surfaces (flat surfaces). *Pocket flat surfaces with a depth of 15 mm or less are also available for engraving.

Available number of engraving settings

Several engraving instructions are available for different surfaces.

Character Specifications

  • Half-width alphanumeric characters and some symbols (+-. #$%&()=*:? /_~) can be freely entered.
  • *Line feed and space input are also supported.
Character size 3~15mm(Can be specified with 1 mm pitch)
17.5~30mm(Can be specified with 2.5 mm pitch)
*Font (font, spacing) and line spacing cannot be specified.
*The letter size of the engraving are only reference values. DimSensional accuracy is not guaranteed.
The size definition of the engraved characters is as follows.
i.e., When specifying a font size of 10mm

Angle description

  • The angle can be specified in 45 degree steps (0 to 360 degrees).
  •  *The angle is only a rough standard value. Angle accuracy is not guaranteed.

Shipping Days

Normal delivery time (5~ days), long delivery time service (20~ days).
*There is no additional delivery date due to engraving.

Quality Control

  • Quality precautions for engraving
  • 1. Burrs and burn marks may occur on the engraving area.
  • 2. Some characters may be smashed if a 3 to 5 mm engraving character size is specified.
  • 3. Depending on the material and surface treatment, there is a possibility that the engraving characters may become blurred.
  • 4 The letter size and angle of the engraving are only reference values. DimSensional accuracy is not guaranteed.
  • 5. Depending on the content of the characters, there may be cases where the size differs from the specified size
  • 6. Depending on the total length of the engraving, there is a possibility of discrepancies in letter spacing and height (ref.: 90 mm or more).
Information on engraving quality can be found on the following page